Today we flew the Skylane to Montauk, Long Island, with two friends for the day. Right now we are stuck in a coffee shop waiting out a storm. But we had a great conversation with one of our friends who was born and grew up in a Muslim country. He has lived in North America for quite some time, and he was commenting on how within 300 years of being inhabited by immigrants from western Europe, we’ve been able to subdue the land and cultivate it and use it to prosper, whereas in 7,000 years his nation has been unable or unwilling to cultivate the entire land for use.

The key, he said, was that freedom invites creativity, encourages people to innovate and pursue their own destiny, and what results is prosperity when those values are ingrained in a society.

He warned, however, that Americans seem to take freedom for granted because we have had it for so long an it seems to be a forgotten value.

We talked about so much more, but I wanted to share briefly our little chat.


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